Our Foundation

Petro Mechanical Services was founded by Danny Watkins and Mark Fischer in 2015, amidst the last oil field depression when market conditions were very competitive. Their operation is self-funded and has become relatively unique in both the rig welding and roustabout labor services field. Together at Petro Mechanical Services we’ve grown a reputation as the new standard in oilfield mechanical services and supply, by continuing to deliver the highest quality products and services performed by fully insured, full-time employees with third-party certifications and qualifications.

Recognizing a Market Niche

Petro Mechanical Services listened to knowledgeable Customers complaints involving numerous issues with Worker’s Comp and back pay issues. Most issues dealt with 1099 and/or subcontractors that were primarily being utilized to help reduce or manage costs. Therefor operators and drilling contractors found it necessary to solely deal with service providers that provided full-time employees who were fully insured, safety trained, and certified to provide services on their locations.

This set of issues resonated with Petro Mechanical Services and has promised to deliver through solely hiring full-time employees. We gladly assure our Customers that we have their best interests at heart and go to great lengths to fully insure them against any potential risk while using Petro Mechanical Services.

The Customer Always Comes First

Petro Mechanical Services believes “The Customer Always Comes First”.  First in responsiveness, first in technical expertise and first in minimizing the risk our Customers experience regarding the use of any third-party provider. We believe we should shoulder the risk of our employees and validate every person performing work. All employees are fully insured, trained and certified by an independent third-party for technical expertise and capability. No job should be performed by anyone if any of these conditions are not met and the only way for Petro Mechanical Services to guarantee this is to make our service providers into full-time employees.

A Unique Operation

Petro Mechanical Services believes that our operation is unique in both the rig welding and roustabout labor services field. Our strength is our technical knowledge of the drilling rig and its attending maintenance, modification, and repair needs.

The transient nature of the business can make for long term employment challenges. Welders are recruited for full-time and long-term employment. We prescreen all candidates with drug testing and third-party welding inspectors. Our full-time Human Resources Director makes a significant investment in the prescreening and post-hiring process to ensure we provide the most competent employees in the industry.