Drilling Specific


We stock and deliver a range of products specific to drilling operations such as replacement mud pump parts, shale shaker screens, oak stripping boards, bit gauge rings, teflon or steel drifts (rabbits), ditch magnets, casing circulating swages, and casing collars to adapt back to threads or extend.

We stock and supply drilling lubricants, PVC pipe and fittings, “rope, soap and dope”, pipe wipers, and general house and safety supplies.

  • Replacement mud pump parts
  • Shale shaker screens
  • Oak stripping boards
  • Bit gauge rings
  • Teflon or steel drifts (rabbits)
  • PVC pipe and fittings
  • Ditch magnets
  • Casing circulating swages
  • Casing collars (to adapt back to threads or extend)
  • Pipe wipers
  • Pipe dope
  • General house and safety supplies