Suction and Transfer Piping


We provide the fabrication, repairs, refurbishment, maintenance, and upgrades of fluid transfer piping for drilling operations. We specialize in high pressure (7500 PSI) piping upgrades, new builds, extensions or repairs with third-party inspection services including 100% X-Ray, hydrostatic pressure testing, post weld heat treating for stress relief.

Fabrication, Repairs Refurbishment, Maintenance and Upgrades of Fluid Transfer Piping for Drilling Operations:

  • Mud lines
  • Discharge piping
  • Mud tanks
  • Mud-gas separators
  • Associated piping
  • Shale shaker manifold piping
  • Mud boat (or skid boat for multi-well pad)
    manifold piping
  • Mud/water transfer manifolds
  • Mud hopper piping
  • High or low-pressure pump piping
  • Trip tank piping