Drilling Operations Support


Petro Mechanical Services provides experienced roustabout crews to support your drilling operation’s needs. From rig up to rig down, our full-time roustabout employees specialize in the areas of mixing drilling fluids, rolling casing, and drill pipe.

  • Rig Move assistance during rig up, skid, and rig down.
  • Mix Mud and transfer gel mud, premix (Sprayberry), slop mud and brine mud. Weight up from silos or sacks, and mix LCM (lost circulation materials).
  • Roll Casing and Drill Pipe including pick up and lay down drill pipe or casing.
  • Rig Up Flare Lines, Vent Lines, and Panic Lines including bolt up connections with gaskets and all necessary hardware and hammer unions.
  • Change Out Mud Pump Expendables including liners, swabs, seats and valves.