Petro Mechanical Services provides certified welding, fabrication, labor services, supplies, and rental equipment to oilfield operators and drilling contractors.

Our team is made up of generations of oilfield professionals who have the experience and insight into the processes, equipment, and challenges unique to operators and drilling contractors.

We have the staff, equipment, and supplies to deliver what you need exactly when you need it—24/7. 

Rig Washing

24/7 Rig Wash Services available from our experienced wash crews and fleet of multi-wand trailer-mounted hot water pressure washers.


We specialize in repairs, upgrades, modifications and fabrication. All welders are certified by a third party, drug & alcohol tested, and fully compliant with industry and client specific training and safety requirements.

Our experienced team will assess your project, take accurate measurements, and complete the fabrication quickly and correctly.

Well Heads

We offer turnkey installation including preheat, welding, and testing. Our certified, experienced well head welders follow our proprietary Hustle Head procedure to efficiently and accurately perform initial or repair installation of well heads or landing joints.


We provide experienced rig roustabouts and crews with the training and certification to support drilling activities by mixing mud, rolling casing, cleaning cellars, rig washing, cleaning location, and installing pit liners.

Rental Equipment

We offer a range of specialized rental equipment to complement our services and support drilling operations including a hydro excavator, back hoe, trailer mounted steam pressure washers, pole truck, rig mats, pipe racks, spacer spools and DSAs.