Petro Mechanical Services was formed in the depth of the 2015 downturn with the aim of providing welding services featuring strict compliance and reduced liability to oilfield operators and drilling contractors. 

We specialize in serving the fabrication, repair, and maintenance needs of operators and contractors on drilling rigs, facilities, and frac sites.


Well Bore Work

We excel at well bore work with a thorough understanding of surface drilling and well head installation. We install conductors, well heads, landing joints, landing rings and support rings. We fabricate, install, and modify diverter systems (blooie lines) and stands, vent lines, panic lines and flow lines.

Suction and Transfer Piping

Our team provides fabrication, repairs, refurbishment, maintenance, and upgrades of fluid transfer piping for drilling operations. We specialize in high pressure (7500 PSI) piping upgrades, new builds, extensions or repairs with optional third-party inspection service including X-Ray, hydrostatic pressure testing, post weld heat treating for stress relief.

Rig Upgrades and Repairs

Field services include repairs, modifications and fabrication for rig upgrades, critical inspections, complete refurbishment, and safety modifications and upgrades. We provide welders and parts to hook up solids control equipment, perform racking board upgrades, doghouse and hopper house modifications and upgrades.


We design, fabricate and hook-up complex flanged and spool piping systems for production facilities including tester and skid manifolds, separator hookups, and tank farms. Our on-site facility welding services have earned a reputation for quality, innovative designs and detailed manufacturing processes engineered to meet the unique requirements of our customers.

Shop and General Fabrication

Our experienced team can design and fabricate custom projects for improvements around storage areas, shop and pipe yards, and drive-across/crossovers for location access. Projects include custom hose and tool baskets, conex box upgrades, bolster racks and standard pipe racks. With a large supply yard and on-site shop, we can fabricate and deliver projects large or small.

CNC Plasma Cutting

We have expanded our fabrication services with the addition of our state of the art cutting table with both plasma and torch cutting options.

When custom metal parts need to be replaced on the rig or on location, the ability to get quick and accurate fabricated parts is critical. Our team can design any parts, signs, plates or artwork you need right when you need it.