Our Work

Well Head Construction Process

We provide turn-key solutions for well head installation from preheating of both well head and casing to the precise and accurate placement of the well head in a remote environment. We proactively manage all aspects of well head installations and interface with well head manufacturers to make sure all recommended welding practices are strictly followed. Petro Mechanical Services produces and installs slot tags and well identification plates according to Operator requirements.

All well head attachment processes are documented and recorded to ensure correct slot assignment and accurate well head placement. A complete file of all critical instsallation parameters is included on job completion. Our crews and equipment will handle the well head on location and are capable of fencing off open cellars with a professional barrier system and including permanent well tags and slot signs as part of turn-key project requirements.

High-Pressure Capabilities

Our welding capabilities include high-pressure piping and Super-Spec rig upgrades. We are experts in high-pressure mud line fabrication and modifications from consulting on design requirements to providing third-party inspection, heat treatment, and hydrostatic testing. Our welder qualification and certification requirements ensure that every welder utilized for any specific project is qualified to perform the work that must pass a rigorous inspection and withstand high-pressure in a harsh environment.

In-House Capabilities

Off the rig, our customers’ production facilities have offered us the opportunity to prove ourselves by collaboration on the design, measurement, fabrication, and installation of complex flanged piping systems. Our work includes skid-mounted manifolds, spool piping and flanged valves and fittings for tank farms and tester facilities. Our people and processes emphasis accuracy in all stages of the project so every component fits precisely when the critical time comes to bolt up.

Material Inventory

Petro Mechanical Services is solidly positioned to provide any parts and materials repair or modification project calls for. We have an extensive inventory of pipe, structural steel, and vast inventory of pipe fittings from flanges and hammer unions to studs and gaskets, so we are prepared to satisfy any rig repair requirement. We never stop working to develop new partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers to ensure our Customers have only one call to make when an urgent repair is needed.

Cadre of Talent

We have developed a cadre of talent specializing in the pre-mixing of drilling fluids. Our roustabouts can accurately mix up and monitor “slop” mud systems outboard of the primary mud systems on the rig and maintain mud parameters during the critical intermediate well sections, where mud losses make volumes necessary to maintain drilling efficiency and productivity.

Petro Mechanical Services is frequently called upon to measure well head cellar depths prior to well head installation. We easily facilitate proper BOP stack height and required production stack positioning. Our roustabouts prepare or deepen cellars with any equipment the job calls for from a pick and shovel to jackhammer and backhoe.